11 October 2007

Small Potatoes

At the beginning of my September diet, I bought a bag of local potatoes. I still have five left.

That tells you two things: potatoes have a long shelf life, and we don't eat many potatoes in this house.

I did bake (microwave) potatoes a couple times for lunch and ate them in lieu of pasta or rice a few times at dinner. I planned to make potato chips at least once-- my family likes my homemade chips, but they are an exercise in frustration for me. I can't slice them consistently enough and I'm left with a guessing game in terms of at what temperature and how long to cook them.

I'm pleased to report my success with a new recipe last night. Oven fries from the Joy of Cooking. Cut potatoes into wedges or slices a half-inch thick, coat with oil, bake at 450 degrees (F) for 30 min or so, turning occasionally. Rest on paper towels to soak up excess oil, sprinkle with salt and paprika, and serve.

I'm looking forward to making them again.

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