17 September 2009


Just dinners now. Partly because I can't keep track, but also because breakfasts and lunches tend to be very similar from day to day.

Day 8

Lettuce salad
Steamed green beans and broccoli

Day 9
I hosted my book club tonight, and made two types of foccacia: One topped with basil and garlic, the other with larges tomato slices, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves.
Cherry tomato and green bean salad
Lots of bread and cheese choices
Locally canned roasted red peppers and dilly beans
For dessert: peaches & cream and apple-rhubarb crisp sweetened with maple syrup

Day 10
Ham, baked apples, tatsoi (an Asian green) sauteed with garlic and hot pepper, and foccacia

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